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Workplace Issues

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It’s an extraordinary time to be a leader in the workplace. Our approach to leading and managing teams and our understanding of best practices when it comes to workplace operations and culture is evolving more rapidly than ever before. Areva Martin’s guidance, expertise, and skillful storytelling will dispel the fear and cut through the chaos to bring you real solutions. For every employer, team manager or talent/human resources professional who feels overwhelmed or stuck, Areva will equip you to confront and resolve issues from efficiency and productivity to low morale and claims of microaggressions or harassment. Areva draws from her expertise in employment law and her tremendous success as the leader of numerous companies to instill a welcome new perspective on managing thorny and difficult workplace issues and moving toward a culture where your employees are motivated to be their best professional selves. Her words will leave you ready to engage your team, increase productivity and ultimately create a workplace that nurtures, rewards and benefits from true excellence.

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