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Diversity & Inclusion

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Are you ready to create a workplace that includes, honors, elevates and respects people from all backgrounds? Building a diverse and equitable work environment is a daunting task. It’s not simply about making the right hire or providing DEI training. Creating an actively anti-racist space that centers the needs, perspectives and talent of your BIPOC employees takes work—but Areva Martin has been on both sides of the equation as a Black woman in the workforce and as the Founding Partner of LA’s largest Black-owned law firm. Areva helps business leaders, managers and decisionmakers “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” With her signature warmth and humor, she dives right into the difficulties—and provides actionable, concrete advice and strategies that will empower leaders to design an anti-racism plan, make real, transformational change, attract and retain talent, stand out from competitors, and create productive, positive workplaces where employees excel.

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