Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

May 6, 2022

Black Enterprise Power of Women Summit

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Consider a time when you have felt like a fish out of water, stranded in a place where you couldn’t survive, much less belong. 

If you haven’t encountered a moment like that, you might be avoiding important opportunities to rise above, to shatter expectations and demand recognition for your accomplishments and contributions. This talk will inspire you to assess your approach to progress and embrace opportunities you may have long avoided.

Maybe you are a brown-skinned person staring across a sea of white faces. Maybe you are differently abled in a world that refuses to see your worth. Maybe you have the “wrong” background, pedigree, or parentage. Maybe you feel set apart by your core faith, your gender or your sexuality. 

To make advances in your career, you must beyond your comfort zone. You must get comfortable being uncomfortable, whether you are considering changing careers, asking for a raise, or pursuing a leadership role. Areva Martin shares moments from her education and career when confronting discomfort led her to excel and ultimately triumph. She reveals hard won tips and strategies that will prove essential to mapping your own unique journey to success.


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