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Women: Leadership, Branding & Unleashing Your Unlimited Potential

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Are you ready to step into the sunlight and soar? Bestselling author and talk show host Areva Martin has an enviable record of excellence when it comes to brand-building, leadership, and harnessing personal potential. In this talk, she shares powerful perspective from her climb from public housing to the halls of Harvard Law and cameras of CNN. Whether you are trying to climb the corporate ladder or chart your own course as an entrepreneur, as a woman you can count on facing obstacles based on your gender—and those obstacles multiply for women of color. Areva talks you through scenarios from managing microaggressions to overcoming imposter syndrome—and guides you on the path to showcasing your best and brightest self. Pursuing excellence means making yourself vulnerable—and reaching it requires a tenacity, street savviness, an ability to see your strengths, and the confidence to demand that the world see them, too.

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