Why the black community will be targeted during the election | Ft. Rev. Al Sharpton

October 20, 2020


The Reverend Al Sharpton has never shied away from speaking truth to power, and in these unfamiliar hours his voice may have never been more important. After making an indelible impact on the social justice movement in recent decades, his perspective gains tremendous gravity in today´s conversations. In this electrifying edition, the civil rights icon sits with Areva Martin to deliver his views from the front in the ongoing fight for true freedom.


2:01 Hard Truths

The Reverend speaks on finding himself in a place of hope even as difficult discussions continue to unfold in practically every aspect of our lives. In his view, the depth of systemic racism is finally becoming apparent even to those who may not be directly affected by inequality. In the past, The Reverend has struggled to gain support for his struggle outside the black community. With the injustices of American society so clearly on display in 2020, Sharpton sees a rare and valuable opportunity to turn neutral parties into allies.

6:38 Held Down

The Reverend, known for his passionate oratory, gave an emotionally charged eulogy for George Floyd after he was murdered by Minneapolis police. In his speech, he drew sharp focus to the systemic nature of state violence, particularly against minorities. The method and manner of Floyd´s execution was highlighted as reflective of a larger pattern. Sharpton contends that systems in the United States actively work against minorities, pointing to other everyday instances of repression that rob minorities of full expression.

11:15 The Elephant in the Room

The Reverend speaks frankly about his relationship with now-President Trump. Although it has soured recently, with the world leader using his platform to denounce Sharpton on multiple occasions, they were once associates. Their budding friendship was fractured in the 90s, when Trump came out in scathing condemnation of the Central Park 5. It was severed for good when the future chief executive became the public face of the ¨birther¨ movement, and its clear racist origins. Although it proved successful, the strategy proved unforgivable.

20:07 Framing the Facts

In the sensitive matters that define our times, bad faith arguments can destroy any hope of finding a common ground. The famous firebrand preaches the importance of a fact-driven approach in changing hearts and minds. Directly responding to public sentiment that systemic racism and police overreach are overstated, he demands that objective data points be objectively assessed. For Sharpton, those that cling to their opinions when confronted with the facts are simply beyond conversion, and must have their influence diminished

25:17 Make it Real

Despite the headlines of the past 4 years, President Trump still enjoys substantial support in the black community. Asked to address this phenomenon, Sharpton laments the effectiveness of propaganda on those most affected by this administration. While a few have seen transient financial gains due to relaxed corporate regulation, on balance Trump´s presidency has been a disaster for minorities. Noting the time for subtlety has passed, The Reverend espouses a full frontal attack on the ideologies that support the administration..

29:00 Last Call

It is said that liberty stands upon four boxes: soap, ballot, jury, and cartridge. In 2020, the specter of the fourth box looms large for the first time in generations. For these reasons, The Reverend, in accordance with his enduring endorsement of nonviolence, advocates effective use of the second during this year’s Presidential Election. Warning against complacency in the face of favorable poll numbers, Sharpton advises each of us to vote as if our lives depend on it…because this time, they just might.

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