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January 4, 2021


Actor, comedian, and political commentator John Fugelsang is a lifelong liberal excited to see his vision of the world come closer to reality. Growing up in Arizona gave him an impossible to ignore look at conservative culture and how it can evolve over time through the effort of a population. With the political atmosphere across the nation fraught with tension, Fugelsang turns his attention to what comes next for this wide ranging conversation on current events

6:43 A Circle of Corruption

As one of the most unconventional administrations in American history comes to a close, the outgoing President’s immediate circle is coming under increased scrutiny. From actively propagating the racist ¨birther¨ conspiracy theory to her callous indifference to migrants, the Slovenian immigrant who became an unlikely First Lady of the United States embodies this unscrupulous legacy. Here, Fugelsang highlights elements of Melania Trump´s problematic past that run directly counter to the popular perception of her as an unwitting bystander.

14:28 Inside the Mind of Donald Trump

Even a month after the election´s definitive end, Mr. Trump has adamantly refused to concede defeat. Flying in the face of decorum and constitutional propriety, the deposed chief executive continues to obstruct the peaceful transition of power. Asked to speculate on the root catalyst of this dangerous and shocking behavior, Fugelsang points to the tremendous foreign debts the President carries. Framing Trump as a desperate grifter, he expresses concern for the stability of the democratic system when considering the extensive support network he still retains.

22:22 A Rough Year for Rudy

From ¨America´s Mayor¨ to America´s punchline, few reputations have suffered from an association with President Trump than that of Rudy Giuliani. His infamous scheduling of a key press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping was among the most recent of a series of public gaffes. As a New Yorker, Fugelsang has intimate insights on how his time under the President directly reflects his malicious nature. In his view, the dubious dealings of Trump’s lawyer expose his longstanding contempt toward true public service and those who perform it.

27:56 A Culture of Fraud

It is important to understand that the most pernicious threat to our way of life are those who enable corruption to come to power. Rooting out the systems that place unethical individuals in prominent positions is an essential element of our nation’s recovery. The President and his associates have a long history of fraud and impropriety, giving them the resources not only to achieve their status, but to defend it. For Fugelsang, it is a culture that encourages corruption that will continue to deliver similar outcomes until the issues are effectively addressed.

36:10 Mobilizing the Masses

An indispensable element of changing the culture that created Trumpism is increasing awareness. Mass mobilization efforts such as those led by Stacey Abrams in Georgia were the decisive factor in driving voter turnout in the 2020 elections to historic levels. Looking forward to the key runoff election in the state that will decide the balance of power in the legislative branch, Fugelsang looks to Arizona for inspiration. From vetoing MLK Day as a state holiday to voting Democratic in a national election, Arizona demonstrates the power of a populace engaged.

44:17 Fights of the Future

Among the many things at stake in this election cycle are core elements of the progressive agenda, such as bringing an end to the disastrous War on Drugs. San Francisco is an especially emotional front in the struggle for social justice, with the city home to a heated debate on the shape of legalization. Fugelsang sees this as an example of legislators getting caught in the cultural crossfire of an evolving society. Turning the debate on its head, he recasts cannabis legalization as the conservative stance, recalling the nation´s long history with hemp production.

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