Slave Owners Didn’t Decide Who Was Human and Trump Doesn’t Decide that Obama is a Citizen

September 16, 2016

Donald Trump admitting that Barack Obama was born in the United States is the equivalent of a slave master acknowledging that African-Americans were human and not chattel. With his latest campaign statement, Trump once again shows how clueless he is about white male privilege and minorities. Trump has spent the last five years viciously maligning the president, criticizing virtually every policy for which he’s advocated.  Even worse, Trump’s non-stop attacks on Obama’s citizenship has been nothing more than a sinister, bigoted attempt to undermine the legitimacy of his presidency.


Now, at the 11th hour of his failing quest to be the president of United States, Trump all of a sudden has a revelation that Obama is a human being, a US citizen, and a man deserving of respect. This is an all-time low for a candidate who has run one of the most divisive and racist campaigns ever.

Obama’s birthplace and legitimacy as president should have never been questioned by anyone. He has proven himself to be one of the most qualified and competent individuals ever to hold the office. A product of a single parent household, Obama has accomplished far more than spoiled, silver spoon Americans likeTrump. content%2Fuploads%2F2013%2F08%2Fobama 2

President Obama doesn’t need the approval of Donald Trump, or the acknowledgment of men and women of his type. African Americans have worked far too long and too hard to shed the legacy of slavery and its heinous vestiges, including being equated to property evidenced by the infamous Dred Scott Decision.

Trumps racist attacks have forever cemented in the minds of African-Americans and tens of millions of socially conscious people that he is unworthy of the presidency. Nothing he does from now until election day will change that. Nothing has changed about Obama’s birth place in the last five years. The only thing that has changed is Trump’s attempt to deceive, manipulate and insult his way to the White House with his sham of a campaign.

Just like African Americans who were forced into slavery understood that it was their God given faith and resilience that made them men, a fact that could not be denied by the shallow words of the slave owners; so too does president Obama understand that his worth never has and never will be defined by Donald Trump.



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