Where is the Outrage: Ryan Lochte’s Ever-Changing “Rio Robbery” Tale

August 18, 2016

Medal-winning swimmers or world-class liars? That’s what the world is trying to decipher as US Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and three of his teammates–Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger– weave a nefarious web of conflicting stories about a wild night out on the town in Rio. Vandalizing a gas station, urinating on walls and even arguing with a security guard are just a few of the acts they have been accused of on the night they were supposed to be victims of a horrific armed robbery.

Lochte and crew first claimed they were robbed at gun point along side a road. They later changed that story and claimed they were robbed at a gas station by men dressed as police officers. Lochte said he was horrified as a gun was pointed at his head. He later changed that story too. There was no gun to his head. Now video tape and a confession by Bentz and Conger, who were pulled off an airplane by Brazile law enforcement officials, confirm that it was all one big fat lie!

According to new reports, there was no robbery. No fake cops. No guns pulled to rob the swimmers. It was just four self-centered, selfish and drunk athletes who were out of control. Rather than accept responsibility for their own childish actions, they chose to concoct a ridiculous story that has now backfired. They have embarrassed themselves, their team and the USA. And by the way, there are allegations that they also fabricated statements to police and vandalized property, all of which are crimes that could result in jail time given the indictment of Feigen and Lochte.


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