Their Palm Springs Neighborhood Burned More Than 50 Years Ago. They Want Compensation.

May 21, 2024

Survivors of Section 14 walk on the land that once held their homes.

“The Black and Latino families of Section 14, who made up much of the labor force of Palm Springs, are asking for reparations for what they say was a racially motivated attack.

The Palm Springs Section 14 Survivors group, made up of aging former residents and descendants, is asking for compensation for the loss of their homes and personal property, along with damages for racial trauma. The city apologized for its role and said it was committed to pursuing a reparations program. But negotiations stalled. Until now.”

Read the full article by the New York Times by following the link to the story.


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California Bill Would Determine Reparations Eligibility

“California is continuing to study plans to offer reparations to Black residents. A bill to create an agency to determine how individuals would be eligible for reparations was approved by the California Senate Judiciary Committee in an 8-1 vote on April 9. SB 1403, proposed by Sen.

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