The Last Days of the Mad King | Ft. Omarosa

November 2, 2020


From the entertainment world to the political sphere, Omarosa Manigault-Newman holds an undeniably unique position in our cultural moment. The Apprentice cemented her as a powerful voice in contemporary culture. Today´s conversation details her ascension to the White House alongside former Apprentice host President Trump, including firsthand accounts of chaos in the West Wing.

1:18 The Mad King

In her new book ¨Unhinged,¨ Omarosa pulls no punches when describing the dysfunction running rampant in the nation´s highest halls of power. While serving as personal assistant to President Trump, she frequently encountered the chief executive´s racism and sexism. The President retaliated with legal action, seeking millions of dollars by filing a claim that she violated a nondisclosure agreement. He also issued a scathing series of personal attacks through social media, referring to the actress and adjunct professor as ¨a lowlife.¨

4:34 Behind the Scenes
Omarosa´s time on the reality TV series that spawned a Presidency came to define the direction of her life. Nearly two decades ago, she appeared as a contest on the game show after being selected from a pool of over 250,000 applicants. She was pleasantly surprised by the rapid rise in profile that ¨The Apprentice¨ offered, but shocked by the future President´s regressive ideas and crass behavior. He was even known among the producers and crew to use racial slurs, frequently denigrating Omarosa and other members of the show´s staff.

10:55 A History of Racism

For Omarosa, defining the President as a racist goes far beyond words. His actions have frequently spoken to his dim view of minorities. From calling for the execution of the Central Park 5 well after their innocence was proven to systematic discrimination in his real estate projects, Donald Trump´s racism is self-evident. Despite decades as a Democrat, President Trump has long held white supremacist ideologies in his practices and lifestyle. Her perception of him as a wholesome, family-focused businessman was quickly shattered.

16:27 The Reunion Special

After his portrayal of an international business icon earned him election as head of state, the marketing-minded President saw star power in Omarosa. He offered her a job at the White House as a senior advisor, and she accepted despite misgivings about his demonstrated racism. As senior advisor, Omarosa worked to push her pet policies and minimize the harm done to the communities she cared for most. However, the President proved a difficult management project, often scuttling weeks of careful PR planning at the drop of a tweet.

30:48 No Filter

The bizarre behavior of President Trump is a central theme in ¨Unhinged.¨ Omarosa´s insider perspective reveals facts stranger than fiction, including his desire to be sworn into office on his book ¨The Art of the Deal.¨ He also refused to read critical briefing and preparation materials after being elected, citing a natural knack for leadership. Lecherous comments on his daughter´s appearance were commonplace. She even points to a wealth of evidence that the President of the United States is in a severe state of mental decline.

39:25 Moving Forward
After an unceremonious departure from the President´s inner circle, Omarosa has dedicated herself to undoing the damage the administration has caused to the country. She has leveraged her standing in the National Bar Association into a post on the election protection team, helping ensure an orderly transition of power. The organization also provides direct assistance to voters seeking registration and early voting services. Ironically, her transition away from entertainment and back to the political sphere will draw the highest ratings of all.

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