Reality Check: You’re Not Doing Enough

July 1, 2016

Reality Check: You’re Not Doing Enough

I respect and love my audience, and that’s why I’m going to be frank with you today: You’re not doing enough. You’re not active enough, you’re not political enough, and you are not doing enough to make your voice heard. That may sound like tough love, and it is, but I’m sharing it with a hopeful purpose: I want you to understand what is at stake in this upcoming election, and how our voices may just be the make-or-break influencer that determines its outcome.

Are you a Slacktivist?

You may think I’m not talking to you, but I am. Even if you consider yourself politically active, posting on social media, having casual discussions with strangers on the subway, or plastering your car with bumper stickers is simply not enough. To make a real impact, this pattern of Slacktivism must end. In order for someone to be moved by our voices, we must be speaking loud enough for them to hear.

True Activism Requires Action

Let me use an example from my own life: I am a lifelong registered Democrat and have voted in just about every single election, both local and national, that I could. I’ve supported candidates, knocked on doors, phone banked, raised money, even advised on policy. But this year is different. This year I feel compelled and know I must do more.

Even with this background in political activism, I’ve realized that in this election cycle, it is not enough. I must go beyond what I’ve done in the past to truly make the sizable impact I want to make. That’s why I’m proud to have accepted an appointment to the Democratic National Convention’s Rules Committee by the Clinton campaign. I will attend this July’s nominating convention as a part of the California delegation, and give my input wherever I can to help further the causes I believe in. I will use my expertise as a civil rights lawyer and spend seven days away from my family, friends, and career obligations because I feel compelled to do what I can to not only help Hillary Clinton win the White House, but also steer the platform of the Democratic Party where I believe it needs to go.

Why Hillary Clinton?

Why am I so passionate about supporting Secretary Clinton for President? It’s because I believe she represents our best chance of moving the needle on race issues, police brutality and criminal justice reform, gun control, healthcare, autism policy, and getting the middle class back to work- the issues that I use my platform to promote and that I care about the most. And I’ve come to the realization that if you and I don’t do whatever we can to prevent a Donald Trump presidency, we may find ourselves waking up with the same buyer’s remorse Britain has over the recent Brexit vote.

If we are learning anything from current events, it’s that sitting on the sidelines in this upcoming election is not an option. We must mobilize ourselves with like-minded constituents and use our collective efforts to win in November, instead of sitting on the sidelines thinking its up to somebody else to act. And I know some of you will say “you don’t trust Clinton,” “she doesn’t motivate you,” or “she has too much baggage.” I say to you guys–life ain’t about perfection, but progress and we are not always going to feel an emotional attachment to a candidate the way many of else feel towards Obama. The truth is Clinton is on the right side of issues that impact the poor and middle class; she has a proven track record of governing and solving complex problems; and she is the only candidate that is QUALIFIED!

We can’t let this historical moment pass us by. We have to stand together; speak out with a loud voice; work together; and fight for our country and its values.

From my platform as a talk show host and commentator, to writing blog posts, phone banking, participating in rallies, raising money and spending 7 days in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work and to win. Won’t you join me?


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