Palm Springs Promises to ‘Right That Wrong’ for Black, Latino Community Destroyed in 1960s

April 18, 2024

Joe Abner and his wife, Vera, walk through a vacant lot that was once part of the Section 14 community in Palm Springs. Abner was 13 when his family fled Section 14, which the city ultimately leveled to make way for luxury developments in the 1960s. Photo by Gina Ferazzi Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times — The City of Palm Springs takes a first step towards reparations for Section 14 Survivors and Descendants. But negotiations are still underway.

“Attorney Areva Martin, who represents the former residents and descendants of Section 14, said in a statement that the group was “encouraged that the City of Palm Springs has heard our call for justice and has committed to taking tangible steps to make the Section 14 Survivors whole.”

“We look forward to working closely with the City Council to reach a reasonable and just resolution, so that we can turn a page on this chapter of Palm Springs’ history and move forward,” Martin added.”

Read the story by following the link to the article by the Los Angeles Times.


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