Melania Trump blaming Billy Bush for Donald’s sexual predatory behavior is just another head fake

October 18, 2016

Leave it to Donald Trump to find new and creative ways to humiliate women.  You would think that after the Washington Post released the shameful video tape of him boasting about sexually assaulting women; after nine women came forward and said he aggressively groped, fondled and kissed them; you’d think after all that, he would figure out a way to avoid putting himself in the middle of any additional controversies involving women. Well, think again. 

Trump added insult to injury yesterday by trotting out his wife on national television to make excuses for his vulgar comments, which we all watched ad nauseam for the past week. It seems the man who bills himself as so tough that he would pimp slap Iran into giving up its nuclear program, make China cower on trade, and obliterate ISIS and other terrorists in a matter of weeks, needs his wife to make excuses for him. Of course it wasn’t Donald who should be held accountable for talking about grabbing women’s genitals and planning sexual batteries. “Billy Bush egged him on,” according to Melania Trump.  This is lame on so many levels.


At the time that Trump so proudly bragged about assaulting women, he was 59 years old. And for the record, he was not in a “locker room.” He was in route to a television studio to make an appearance. He knew that he was wearing a microphone and given his experience with the media, he also knew that others could and would be listening to every word that he said. None of this mattered to Trump because, as he so boldly stated, “when you are a star you can get away with anything.”

Nothing about Melania’s interview will change the reality of who Trump is and what he has stood for throughout his adult life. Ironically, she is engaging in the same type of enabling conduct that Trump and his surrogates have skewered Hillary Clinton for in an endless chorus of interviews over the last couple of months. Somehow it’s acceptable for Melania to excuse decades of her husband’s insults on women, but Hillary should be judged by a different standard when it comes to her husband.

Melania can beg until the cows come home, it won’t change our minds about her scandalous husband.  American women and men are smarter than that. If Melania chooses to remain married to Trump despite his sexual aggression towards women that’s her personal business. However, the polls indicate that the American people have chosen to reject him and his bid for President. We don’t want a boorish sexual predator in the White House. Nor do we want someone who is incapable of accepting responsibility for his own behavior to be the leader of the free world. Blaming Billy Bush is neither believable, tough or presidential. It’s just another Donald Trump head fake.


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