Make It Rain Available Today – Online and In Stores

March 20, 2018

I am sooooooo excited!

Today, my new book, Make It Rain, will be released to bookstores and online sites everywhere!

It’s been a long and incredible journey from inking my book deal with my publisher, Hachette Book Group, to release of the book. There are so many people who worked incredibly hard to help me get to this day. I have a chance to thank some of them in the Acknowledgements of the book, but this is my time to thank you!

You have been with me from the start and your support, your early preorder, your prayers and all of your social media posts and shares are what made the difference! We are almost at the finish line. I need you to do a couple of more things to make sure the book is a smashing success!

  • First, please share this Amazon link with at least 10 of your friends and ask them to purchase the book today. First day sales help push the book to the top of the Amazon list.
  • Second, if you pre-ordered your book, you will get it today. Please go to Amazon and post a positive review. Reviews also help a book move to the top of the Amazon list.
  • Next, please help us generate buzz on social media by posting the rainmaker image below or a picture of you holding or reading the book on your Facebook page. If you are not on Facebook, you can also post a picture on Instagram and/or LinkedIn. Please tag me and I will share your posts.

If you are on twitter, please consider posting this today. Feel free to edit the tweet and make it your own.

Excited today that my friend @ArevaMartin’s new book, MAKE IT RAIN, hits bookshelves and online sites everywhere today. This is a must-read book. I got my copy, and hope you will go to Amazon and get yours #MakeItRain #Book #NonFiction

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Thank you so much again for all of your support. Check out my social media throughout the next week as I will be posting original content from my book tour.

I have some interesting stops planned including Harvard Law School and a tech incubator for female entrepreneurs.  More info on the tour and live events schedule can be found on my events page.

Have an awesome day and go out there and Make It Rain!


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Areva Martin - Make It Rain

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