justice Ketanji Brown

Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Confirmation. A Whitehouse Reception and Honor of a Lifetime.

Opening an invitation from the White House to celebrate the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation was an emotional moment for Areva. A month earlier she had signed a letter of support circulated by Black Harvard alumni in support of Brown Jackson. The act of doing so inspired Areva to consider how everyday women from all walks of life could have their own opportunity to voice their support. Areva and a fellow Harvard Law School classmate launched an effort to recruit 200 women to petition US Senators in support of Brown Jackson—and the response astounded them. Less than 48 hours later they had far exceeded their goal—and weeks after that, Areva represented the fulfilled wishes of each of those hundreds of women on a picture-perfect 65-degree day on the White House lawn with our newest Supreme Court Justice.

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