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At The Special Report we take a deeper look at race, culture, politics and the economy and the impact they have on our lives. We take you to the center of the story with in-depth interviews of today’s news makers, top experts and influencers. Sometimes controversial. Always on point with the cold-hard truth. 

Episodes premiere Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9 am PT on Facebook & YouTube

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With Areva Martin

Autism Acceptance Month: The Special Report

The Amazon Union Battle – One-On-One with David Madland: The Special Report

The MLB and It’s Race Problem: The Special Report

Is Jussie Smollett’s Sentencing Fair?: The Special Report

The New Rising Crime Narrative: The Special Report

Black Maternal Health Week: The Special Report

Celebrating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson: The Special Report

A Small Black Town’s Fight for Reparations: The Special Report

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