DEM CONVENTION DAY 6: The real political revolution

July 28, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s Nomination

There a few opportunities in life where you can look around and realize you are part of a moment that will make history. Rarer still: To find yourself in a situation where you’re able to participate in a moment that not only moves your country forward, but in fact, the entire world. Tonight, when I stand on the convention floor as a proud member of the Democratic Delegation from California and watch the first woman accept a major party’s nomination for President of the United States, I will be part of one of the most momentous and important events in our nation’s history – a true revolution. And what an honor it will be.

How Far We’ve Come

Watching Hillary ascend to the country’s highest office, you can’t help but reflect on the history of women in this country and the fight we still face. It wasn’t that long ago that American Women were born into a world where their voice, their vote, and their concerns weren’t recognized in the eyes of the federal government, or society as a whole. Luckily, things have changed quite a bit, but we still aren’t anywhere close to living in a society that demonstrates the kind of equality that the suffragettes dreamed of so many years ago.

The reality is that people who believe we’ve moved beyond a time where women are second-class citizens are either sadly ignorant or truly living in a fantasy world. Look at our government: The Supreme Court has only had four female justices in its entire history – three of which are currently serving – how’s that for equality? Or the private sector: According to the American Association of University Women, women make just 79% of the salary their male counterparts do – a statistic that should still shock and disturb every American.

The simple truth is, that at every turn, women are still second to men in virtually every venue – a horribly disturbing trend that begins its end tonight.

Disagreeing, but still believing.

Like every woman who has worked her way to a point that her voice is being heard by the masses, Hillary Clinton has faced some harsh criticism – criticism I’m not sure would be thrown at a man in the same position. And sure, you can honestly disagree with her policies, her history, and even things that she stands for, but there is no candidate running who shares her unique qualifications or passion for public service – and it may be two, three, or four more presidential cycles before we get the chance to elect another woman.

I know for many of you, Hillary wasn’t your first choice – but we must look beyond to the bigger picture: her ability to govern from a position of compassion and unite the party behind her message is more than enough reason to believe she will be an excellent President, and to lend her your support in the upcoming election.

Plus, consider the opposition. Whether Donald Trump believes he will do all of the leading all by himself, or hand that power solely over to his Vice President as reported by CBS News, he is wrong. Governing, especially at the highest level, is a team sport – something his incredible narcissistic and dismissive attitude would never let him participate in. Hillary’s history as a Senator, Secretary of State, and one of the leading Democrats in the party has shown she is ready, willing, and able to fulfill this most sacred obligation – and do it in a way that honors this country and the office.

Lasting Results Beyond November

What’s important about the Democratic Party nominating Hillary Clinton goes beyond this year’s election – it’s about the future. It’s about little girls growing up not just wishing to become leaders of the free world, but actually seeing that it’s possible. It’s about our allies around the world seeing America as a progressive society, joining the more than 60 countries worldwide who’ve had women as their heads of state. And, perhaps most importantly, it gives the backward-thinking minority in this country, who don’t see women as equal to men, a swift reality check that they simply cannot ignore – a female President of the United States.

Joining the California Delegation tonight on the floor of the Democratic Convention will be not only be one of the most important days of my professional career, but of my personal life as well. I sincerely hope you’ll join me and watch history be made in prime time.


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