clergy from various denominations calling on the city of palm springs to resolve issues with section 14

Clergy Call on Palm Springs City Council to Resolve Section 14 Claims at MLK Day Interfaith Service

Photos and video of the event are also available (please attribute to Diamond Dust Photography): About Palm Springs Section 14 Survivors: Palm Springs Section 14 Survivors is a non-profit group deeply rooted in the history and legacy of Palm Springs, composed of more than 1,000 survivors and descendants of Palm Springs Section 14. Section 14,

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Areva Fighting for Reparations

Statement: Leading Civil Rights Attorney, Areva Martin, Applauds Establishment of New York Commission to Consider Slavery Reparations

Historic legislation builds on nationwide momentum to redress historical injustices, with recent examples including Bruce’s Beach in Southern California and Evanston, Illinois Martin reiterates calls for long overdue justice for Survivors of Section 14 in Palm Springs, whose homes were wrongfully burned down and destroyed by the city in the 1960s Los Angeles, CA (December

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