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Philanthropist and Social Entrepreneur

A philanthropist and social entrepreneur, Areva is a nationally recognized autism, children’s rights and women’s advocate. She has been on the frontline fighting for the rights of vunerable populations since she was a college student at the University of Chicago where she volunteered countless hours as a mentor to high-risk girls and walked neighborhoods registering voters. She continued her community activism at Harvard Law School writing articles for a socially conscious law journal and volunteering hours at local free legal clinics. In her professional career, Areva has provided thousands of pro bono legal hours to indigent clients; has been a constant voice speaking up for higher wages for homecare workers; has stood up for girls and boys who have been the victims of sex trafficking; and has led campaigns to end healthcare disparities in the African American and Latino communities;

9627When her son was diagnosed with Autism, she launched into action by forming Special Needs Network, Inc., a 501c nonprofit advocacy and service organization in California. Areva’s goal was to change the way the nation perceived and provided services to underserved minority children with autism and other special needs. She seized the opportunity to improve the systems of care in California by inventing new approaches and creating solutions to the state’s fragmented system of care. Areva has galvanized thousands of parents to take action and to become grassroots leaders and advocates for their children and communities.

Guided by the mantra “that to whom much is given, much is expected,” Areva has shepherded Special Needs Network from a small organization with a single program to a powerhouse organization with a multi-million dollar budget serving thousands of families throughout the state. Areva has played leadership roles on California autism commissions helping to shape the legislative landscape for individuals with autism. She was a member of the California Blue Ribbon Commission on Autism; the Autism Advisory Taskforce for the state’s only insurance mandate bill; and the California Senate Select Committee on Autism Advisory Taskforce where she served as the Chair of the South Los Angeles Regional Taskforce. Areva also served as the Co-chair of the Autism Equity and Diversity Task Force which examined state spending on autism services based on race and ethnicity.

Areva has raised millions of dollars for autism and related causes and has received countless commendations and awards for her work on behalf of children and families including Los Angeles County Woman of the Year, California Legislative Black Caucus Civil Rights Leadership Award, Langston Bar Association Advocate for Justice, L’Oreal Paris Women of Worth, GLAAC Lawyer of the Year, Farmers Insurance Living Legend , LAAAW-PAC Power Pac Award, and KCET Community Hero. For the last 2 years, she has been identified as one of the 100 Most Influential African Americans in Los Angeles and in a city-wide celebration, the City of Lynwood presented her with the Keys to the City after naming her Grand Marshall of one of the largest holiday parades in Southern California.

Areva is also a champion and role model for girls and women. She shares her expertise in autism advocacy, nonprofit management and complex legal issues with millions of engaged followers through her extensive social media platforms, regular blog posts and online articles. From serving as a surrogate for female candidates running for elected office to inspiring women to make health and fitness a priority through her regular #ArevaOntheRun posts, Areva has developed a respected and recognizable brand that resonates with women 18 to 55. Through public appearances, speaking engagements, product endorsements, commercials, print, television and online ads, Areva helps women achieve their ultimate goals and beyond and she helps companies reach those women through endorsements and brand alignment.

Endorsements and Cause Marketing
Arguably one of the most trusted legal and social issues voices on television, Areva uses her platform to promoteHigh4 social matters and causes from autism to women in politics. She also aligns herself with select products and brands. From fitness, beauty and fashion, Areva helps companies attract greater attention and to expand their audiences, buyers and market shares.  As a marketing influencer, Areva knows the power of engagement and thus, communicates and provides substantive content to her followers and fans via her blog posts, online and print articles, live broadcast and regular posts.  A combination of reliability, useful content output and forging influencer-audience relationships has allowed her to create a rapport of trust and a level of authority that drops to the bottom line.

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