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  Meet Areva...
Insightful. Poignant. Captivating. Passionate.

Areva is America's go-to expert for commentary on compelling legal, political, women’s, children’s and celebrity issues. A multi-award winning Harvard-trained attorney, author and advocate, she is featured regularly on syndicated talk shows Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew and The Doctors, as well as the most watched cable shows on CNN, MSNBC, Al Jazeera America and HLN. A skilled talk show host and panelist, you can catch her on the "couch" or at the "desk" on "View" type programs where she is always a lively addition to discussions ranging from pop culture to politics. Areva's unique ability to spark riveting conversations and go to the heart of matters in a commanding, yet passionate, manner has gained her great popularity with the media and worldwide audiences.
areva martin